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Civil Resources Ltd.
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Mr Ray Douglas
Ausbit (Ceramco Pty Ltd)

Subject: Series 12 Ausbit NQ 2 Impregnated Diamond Drill Bit

Dear Ray

The above bit was used by Civil Resources Ltd on the UDR659 drill rig at the Yilgarn Star mine site, Marvel Loch.

The ground conditions were average to extremely hard, and the bit performed very well or even better than most other brands of bits used by this company. The total of 206 metres was achieved at which time it was worn flat to the end.

Your faithfully

Ray Stevens

Aquadrill Pty Ltd

To whom it may concern

RE: Ausbit-Ceramco Pty Ltd - Diamond Drill Bit

This is to confirm that our company currently uses the Ausbit Drill Bits and has done so for some time.

The diamond bits have been found to be consistent in manufacture and perform well.

They are being used by our compnay due to thier ability to perform and can be highly recommended.

Dave Guild
General Manager

Ceramco Pty Ltd
Lot 181/2 Tonkin Street, 
Mundijong Perth,
WA, 6123 Australia
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